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What are terracotta planters?

Terracotta is probably the most iconic material used in gardens for plant pots and various other planters. You can find square terracotta pots, small to extra-large terracotta pots, or terracotta planters that would suit any garden. Terracotta planters are usually long and rectangular, but the term has been used to encompass pots as well. They are both simply containers for plants, that are made from terracotta clay. Terracotta has an iconic style, but the pots can be heavy, whereas plastic alternatives look similar, and weigh less.

How are traditional terracotta pots made?

Terracotta is a versatile material, and can be made into different shapes and sizes. Terracotta is traditionally made from clay. Depending on where the clay was harvested; the clay will have different properties. The raw clay is refined by drying, then screened and filtered, to remove impurities. These can be rocks, minerals, or anything else that has bound to the clay while in the ground. Next is to shape, or sculpt, the clay into the desired shape. This is where terracotta plant pots are formed. Once the shape is made and checked, it is then fired. Firing is essentially cooking the clay to harden the material. Terracotta needs to be cooked at lower temperatures, as it has a lower melting point than other clays. The temperature range for terracotta is between 1120-1137 degrees Celsius.

Why are terracotta style plant pots worth using?


Plants can be costly, and the more you obtain, the more expensive it becomes. Plastic terracotta planters are a cost-effective way to display your plants. Allowing you to spend more money on the flora you love.

Retains moisture

One of the most important features of plastic terracotta plant pots, is they retain water. Plastic is not a porous material, so some have holes in the bottom to prevent overwatering. Overwatering plants can seriously harm, or even kill them, but dry soil can be as devastating.


Along with the how versatile terracotta planters can be, they also have a recognisable colour. The reddish colour blends in well with most garden settings, and they can also be placed in the home. The earthy colour makes it so terracotta plant pots only accent the plants in them.

What kind of plants can you use a terracotta style plant pot for?


Many would be chefs love to grow their own plants. Herbs are an easy way to add flavour to your cooking. Terracotta herb planters can come in all shapes and sizes; they can go in the garden or on the window sill.


A very popular plant due to their ability to store water, succulents make an excellent candidate for terracotta planters. Due to how well the plastic terracotta planters retain water, it allows for the succulent to more effectively store water.

Why should you purchase your terracotta planters from TTamer?

TTamer is a fresh business based in the scenic seaside town of Rhyl, Wales. Being in business since 2017, we have kept our roots in what is important; the customer. Nothing is more valuable to us than the support from our loyal customers, which is why we give back with our loyalty system. Not all our products are available online, so come in store or call us on 01745 369966, today!

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