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Cooking & Dining 

A good diet helps you have a healthy mind. 
Cooking and Dining can be hard work and time consuming but key steps such a food preparation and batch cooking are essential to maintaining a great diet. For batch cooking you need food storage tubs which are freezable and microwave safe. 



Food Preparation & Storage  


Mugs & Teapots  




Household Essentials 

Just Bought a new house or moved into a new apartment? 
Wondering what Household essentials you require to make your home just the way you want it, such as bedding and curtains that compliment each other for the bedroom. We also stock beaded door curtains to help stop the flies 





Curtains and Blinds  


Door Stop & Draught Excluders 

TTamer Collection has lots of Heavy Doorstops available to buy. A list of Doorstops is shown below : Cat Doorstop, Dog Doorstop, Dachshund Doorstop, Chihuahua Doorstop, Frog Doorstop, Squirrel Doorstop, Hare Doorstop, Fox Doorstop, Rugby Doorstop, Football Doorstop, Donkey Doorstop, Elephant Doorstop, Reindeer Doorstop, Penguin Doorstop, Cockerel Doorstop, Pig Doorstop, Unicorn Doorstop, Gin Doorstop, Owl Doorstop, Pug Doorstop 

Cat & Dog Doorstops  


Cat & Dog Draught Excluders  


Farm & Zoo Animal Doorstops  



Want to keep your garden looking beautiful 
At TTamer Collection we offer a range of products to help your garden look beautiful and we also have gardening tools which you don't need to be a professional gardener to use. 

Pots & Planters  


Gardening tools  


Curtains and Blinds  


Money Boxes & Tin Models 

TTamer-Collection has a great range of silver plated money boxes which make ideal Christening Gifts. TTamer-Collection also stocks Leonardo Collections range of tin models. If you look through the shop you will be able to find motorbikes, scooters, planes, trains, buses, tractors and camper van models. Also in this category coming soon is some wooden boat models. VW camper van in Blue Model, Red Camper Van Model, Orange Camper Van Model , Red Mini Car Model, Blue Mini Car Model, Cream Italian Job Mini Model, Jaguar Style Car Model, 4x4 Car Model, Land Rover Style Model, Jeep Model & Caravan Model. New Models are also Being added to Range such as Blue Car Models, Cream Car Models, Silver Car Models, Red Car Models & Convertible Car Models, Green Tractor Model, Red Tractor Model, Grey Tractor Model, Red Motorbike Model, Blue Motorbike Model, Black Motorbike Model, Spitfire Plane Model, Hurricane Plane Model, Cream Scooter Model, Blue Scooter Model, British Telephone Box Model, Red Post Box Model, Christening Gifts, Christening Money Box etc 

Christening Gifts  


Tin Cars  


Tin Motor Bikes & Planes  


Ornaments & Figurines 

Our unique range of Ornaments and Figurines offer a broad appeal to find a gift for majority of ladies and gentlemen. 
Whether you are looking to find the missing elephant to add to your friends collection or that dog figurine of your favourite canine breed that doesn't bark. 







Wild Animals  

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