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Discover our collection of floral placement mat and coaster sets. Each set includes 4 place mats and 4 coasters. These exquisite table mats are designed to be heat resistant, ensuring the protection of your table from hot plates, while the coasters prevent any glass or cup from leaving marks. This remarkable product not only adds a touch of brightness to your table settings but also serves as a perfect gift option for those seeking unique floral presents. It is an essential addition to every household.

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In our placemat and coaster sets you can find designs such as poppy, daffodil and thistle flowers. Creating an enchanting dining experience starts with the details, and floral placemats are one of those details that can transform your table setting from ordinary to extraordinary. Perfect for hosting a formal dinner, or a casual brunch. Flower placemats, also known as floral table mats, offer a blend of functionality and style.

What materials are floral placemats typically made from?

Floral placemats are crafted from a variety of materials to suit different aesthetics and functional needs. Most of the floral table mats are made with a cork backing, which makes them sturdier and more hardwearing. All our placemats and coasters have a heat resistant, wipe clean surface.

Are these placemats suitable for outdoor use?

Many of our floral table mats are indeed suitable for outdoor use. These flower placemats are not only resilient against the elements but also easy to clean, making them perfect for picnics, garden parties , and outdoor gatherings.

Do floral placemats come in different shapes and sizes?

Most placemats come in a rectangle shape, to accommodate most everyday uses. The dimensions of the placemats are around 9cm by 21cm, and the coasters are 10.5cm by 10.5cm.

Do floral placemats come in sets?

Our Floral placemats are typically available in sets. Purchasing a set of floral table mats is more economical and ensures consistency in design and colour. We have several options available.

4 of Each Butterfly Meadow Placemats & Coasters Set by The Leonardo Collection

A beautiful artistic rendition of a meadow, the butterfly meadow placements and coasters set comes with a burst of colours that brings any dining situation to life! The laminated surface makes these floral placemats easy to clean.

Set of 4 placemats coasters floral bee design by The Leonardo Collection

Similar to the butterfly meadow, the floral bee design incorporates insect life with an elegant colour palette. The lavender and magenta mix is more subtle, which means it can fit into more dining room designs.

Can I purchase matching table accessories?

To create a cohesive dining experience, many floral placemats come with the option to purchase matching table accessories. This allows for a harmonious table setting that's visually appealing and thoroughly themed.

Red Poppy Flower Mug by Leonardo Collection

Matching the red poppy flower mug with the Set of 4 Red Poppy Placemat and Coasters creates a thematic scene for afternoon tea. The mug and placemats are both designed by the Leonardo Collection making them an ideal pairing.

500ml Butterfly Meadow Stainless Steel Water Bottle Insulated Metal Sport & Gym Drinks Flask

For something a little different, this flask would go perfectly with the Butterfly meadow placemats. The flask is an excellent addition for an outdoor dining experience, due to its insulation properties.

Why choose TTamer?

Floral placemats offer an easy and effective way to elevate your dining experience. The availability of matching accessories and the choice between sets or individual pieces allow for personalised table settings that reflect your style and dining preferences. In embracing floral placemats, flower placemats, and floral table mats, you're not just protecting your table; you're infusing your meals with beauty, warmth, and a touch of nature's charm.
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