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Originally troughs were made to hold water and food for farm animals.
Today most troughs are Garden troughs for holding plants in, growing vegetables or displaying
bright and beautiful flowers. Garden Troughs are similar to window boxes but are traditonally not as narrow in width.
Garden Troughs are an excellent method for displaying a variety of different flowers and often have the longest side placed
against a wall. Garden Troughs look great together and can often been display with a few different ones on each side of wall or
a path. By having a Garden Trough next to your path way it gives your guest something pretty to look at rather than dirt or stones.

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What is a garden trough?

Throughs were historically used for containing water for animals to easily drink from; garden troughs became popular due to their suitability to sustain plant life. Flower troughs now come in various sizes, shapes, and designs to suit any garden. The reason trough planter boxes have become so popular is due to their deepness and functional way to display smaller plants. You can use a plant trough for a wide range of plants and even vegetables.

What is a garden trough used for?

There are several applications for a garden trough, depending on what you want to grow. Some troughs work better for different plants, so you will want to make sure you get the best design for your needs.


Plant troughs are an excellent place to grow different types of herbs and edible flowers, meaning you can have freshly grown flavours in your own garden! Mint is a particularly aggressive plant that will kill any other plants close to it. Keeping mint in a planter will stop the mint from taking over your garden. There are several other herbs you can use that don’t need a separate plant trough, such as basil, thyme parsley, and sage.

Peppers and chilis

For the fans of spice, you can grow chilies and peppers in a garden trough easily. To get the spiciest chilis you would need to keep the soil drier than your other plants, as the more stress placed on the chili, the spicier it becomes. If you keep your chilis in the same area as plants that require more water, then the chilis could get more water than you anticipated. Which is why trough planter boxes are a popular choice.


Probably the most obvious use for a garden trough, there are different types of flowers that thrive in a planter trough. Flower troughs can grow a wide range of flowers such as succulents, shade plants and even decorative cutting plants. Succulent plants are plants that are fleshy in appearance and store a lot of water. Shade plants, like ferns, thrive in low light gardens, especially ones that are not south facing. The most popular types of flowers grown, are ones designed to go into vases in the home. You can grow your own marigolds, begonias, and lilies in your flower trough. Then transfer some of the cuttings to a vase in the home; bringing your garden indoors!

What types of garden troughs are available?


The best option for value for money, a plastic plant trough can get you started with your new planter garden. They are light weight, so they can be located anywhere in the garden, and be repurposed for different plants.


For a more natural look, stone troughs were predominantly used for water access for animals. Now they are perfect for keeping plants separate, without compromising on the aesthetics. They can also blend nicely into existing features, such as fountains and ponds.


A very striking option for your garden a terracotta plant trough offers an earthen look, but stands out as a feature within your garden. The fired clay has a prominent style and finish that can add much more.

Why is Ttamer the best place to buy your garden troughs?

TTamer holds its heritage in the scenic seaside town of Rhyl, Wales. With the mission to bring garden supplies to both beginners and experienced gardeners. Nothing is more important to us than the support from our loyal customers, which is why we offer a loyalty system. Not all our fantastic garden troughs are advertised online, so call us today on 01745 369966 or visit us in store!

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