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Light bulbs are an essential item in life and every house or business needs them to illuminate room or place so they can see. Choosing the correct bulb has many benefits such as helping you save money on your energy bills, buying bulbs with long lifespan saves you time on having to change bulbs. We have a huge range of UK stock of light bulbs with different wattages, shapes and fittings and also with different technologies such as being dimmable. If you are not sure what bulb you need you can email us picture or bring a old one with you into our shop.

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How do you know what bulb to use? 1) You need to look at bulb cap of your old bulb (bottom part of the bulb) The most common type is bayonet which you push and twist to get the bulb in and has two side pins for this action. The two most come size in bayonet cap are larger type know as B22 and smaller type know as B15 Then the 2nd most common type is a screw in referred to as the edison screw. if you screw is skinny is usually E14 fitting and if its a big screw it is E27 screw. The next type of base will be called Pins or pegs which is 2 parts sticking out the bottom of the bulb. If you are unsure of your cap fitting please email us at accounts@ttamer-collection.co.uk and we would be happy to help you. 2) Once you have figured you cap fitting you need to decide of you want Halogen or LED but with the rising energy cost if you want save money on you energy bill we advise you go for LED bulbs. 3) When picking you bulb type the colour is also important if you want more of whiter light you should go for neutral white or cool white and if you want more of yellow coloured light then you should pick warm white 4) Then you need to pick you bulb shape. First of all the most common bulb shape is called GLS or standard bulb this is pear shape usually ideal for lamps, overhead lights or general home lightings and you usually comes in E27 or B22 cap fitting. The next bulb shape is called candle bulb which is shape of candle and is often used in wall lights or chandeliers. If the space to fit the bulb in is fairly tight then smaller bulb shape can be used called a golf or globe bulb which is round shape and comes in range of different cap fittings. Another bulb type is Gu10 which is spotlight shape and usually has pegs or pins at the bottom and is used in most kitchen and bathroom fittings and also outdoor lighting. If your looking for a bulb which is usually in a reflective service such as cooker it is likely reflector bulb which could be R69 or R39. 5) The higher the wattage the brighter the light. If you are buying a new light fitting please check the recommended wattage and also the maximum wattage.
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