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Have a look through TTamer-Collection range of Gravel trays, seed trays, Tomato ring planters and Propagator Lids all made by Whitefurze in the United Kingdom

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Plant Propagation Equipment

What is plant propagation?

Propagating plants is a fun and cost-effective way to grown new plants for free from your existing ones. From the beautiful snake plant, to the ever-popular spider plant, propagation is a fantastic way to make your garden or house plant collection abundant.

Learning the ropes and methods of plant propagation can open a whole new way of cultivating your plants. If you’ve got green fingers and you’re keen to expand your plant collection you will love our propagator kits. No matter which propagation style you’re planning to use, we have some essential products to help you get it right first time. You can pick and choose what you need from single items like our standard propagation tray or Seed Tray, to our more comprehensive Propagator Kit.

How does plant propagation work?

There are many methods and ways of propagating plants and which method you use will depend on the type of plant you are working with. Propagation can be encouraged from stem cuttings, root cuttings or basal cuttings, by dividing plants, layering them or growing them from seed.


The advantages of propagating your own plants as opposed to sourcing all of your plants from the garden centre are abounding. It does require some patience and know how, but plant propagating is a rewarding activity and a top way to learn about your plants as well as save money. It makes for an easy to store green hobby that is both creative and you get to enjoy beautiful results. Plant Propagation is also a fabulous project for children; get the kids involved and you’ll find watching your plants grow together can be fun as well as educational.

Seed Trays

Seed trays are one of the most valuable bits of kits in the propagators arsenal. They are small segmented trays which allow you to start of your soil based propagation projects efficiently and in a small space. You will need gritty soil to fill the individual pockets in the tray for each propagated plant to begin its life.

Propagator Kits

If you’re new to the propagation process, our Propagator Set is a fantastic way to get you started. It has all the equipment you need to get started with which ever style of propagation you’re embarking on.

Snake Plant Propagation

Snake plants can be propagated by the division method. Here you will need a bit more seed tray space as you will need to removed your whole snake plant and dived the root ball. Snake plants take a little work to get going but are beautiful house plants so very worth taking care and attention over.

Spider Plant Propagation

Spider plants are remarkably easy to propagate. Simply by planting one of your Spiderettes – that’s the tiny plants that grow from your bigger ones, you will set it on its own path as a spider mother plant. Our seed trays are a good place to kick start this process as all they need is nestling in a small amount of gritty soil.

Shopping with Ttamer

People are the heart of our business. Our customers as well as our employees matter to us most and we are passionate about offering the very best products and service experience at every level. We love to hear from customers, new and existing so if you have any queries or questions about our plant propagation equipment, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us on 01745 369966 or email us on accounts@ttamer-collection.co.uk.
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