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Have a looking through TTamer-Collections range of gardening essentials such as lawn edgers, storage chests, garden shears and flexible tubs and leaf grabbers to help collect the grass.

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What different types of gardening tools are there?

Garden tools are equipment that is predominantly used for garden maintenance. They can come in different materials and different sizes, depending on what you need them for. For instance, plastic gardening tools are lighter than metal ones but are not as resilient.


One of the more recognisable garden tools is the shovel, and is used to move loose materials the scoop of the shovel is flatter and wider than spade. You can get them in different materials but adding a plastic shovel to your toolstation should be a minimum for any gardening enthusiast.

Garden waste scoop

Picking up loose garden waste after you have finished working can take a fair amount of time. It can also be difficult to get it all up, especially if you have any hand mobility concerns. The Garden waste scoops are plastic gardening tools with comfortable handles to help with clean up.


If your hedges are becoming unruly, then the shears can help get them back under control. Shears are long bladed scissor like tools that have durable and sharp steel blades.


To keep flowers, hedges, and trees healthy and presentable, pruners are the best choice. Pruning shears are a more accurate way to trim back hedges, and also remove dying flower buds.

Watering Can

Watering cans are an easy way to water plants. The sprinkler nozzle makes for an even distribution of water. Older water cans were made from steel, but most modern water cans are made from plastic. Plastic gardening tools are lighter, and therefore easier to use.

What are gardening tools made out of?


The allrounder option for most gardening tools, plastic is light, durable, resistant to corrosion, and cheaper to produce. Plastic garden hand tools such as trowels and garden forks are a cheaper alternative to their metal counterparts.


There are several metals used in garden tool manufacturing, but the most common are Aluminium, stainless steel, and high carbon steel.


To keep the weight down of metal gardening tools, aluminium is used for handles and structural elements. It is too soft to be made into a blade as it wouldn’t stay sharp.

Stainless Steel

The best option to stop oxidisation, stainless steel is made with chromium to create a natural barrier that prevents rust and corrosion. The blades are also very sharp.

High Carbon Steel

For the more strengthened blades, the steel is made with a higher concentration of carbon. As a rule of thumb, the harder the metal compound, the sharper the blade can be.

What are the uses of garden storage?

There are different ways to store your plastic gardening tools and other equipment safely and effectively. A garden tool box storage keeps all your tools in one place that takes up little space in your shed. There are plastic garden storage chests that are heavy duty and can take a decent amount of punishment. A plastic garden tool cabinet is essentially an upright and larger variation of garden tool box storage and can be left outside or in a shed.

Why should you use TTamer to buy your gardening tools?

Based in North Wales, were founded in January 2017 to cater to a growing market of gardening enthusiasts. Our top priority are the customers we look after, so much so we have a loyalty system in place for our most valued customers! Not everything we sell is on the website so call us today or visit us in store!

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