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Ttamer Collection cushioned laptrays come with a bean bag base that are perfect for working from home on the laptop or having dinner in front of the tv. At Ttamer - Collection we are stock a lovely range of Portable Lap Desk Trays which have a cushioned padded bean bag base for comfort. The laptray size is approx 43cm x 32.5cm which make it the ideal tray for you to put your laptop on and work on sofa comfortable. All TTamer Collection laptrays are suitable lap trays for eating on.

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All TTamer - Collection Laptrays are padded with a bean bag cushion making them ideal for eating on and dinner in front of the TV. Lap trays are an essential for any home in the modern day. Whether you want a decorative tray to present to guests when serving them drinks, or you want something to put your laptop on while working.

Get one of our Laptrays to keep your food & drink sturdy while you enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner in comfort.

Some information about our laptrays:

1. all our stock is based in our U.K warehouse
2. All our laptrays have a bean bag base for comfort
3. All our laptrays are suitable for eating
4. All our laptrays are the ideal size to put your laptop on.
5. We delivery our laptrays nationwide in U.K.
6. Laptrays length 43cm/44cm
7. Laptray width 32cm/33cm
8. Our laptrays can be collected from our shop in Rhyl.
9. How to clean the laptrays? Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

What is a lap tray?

Relaxing on the sofa, and watching TV is a popular past time for many people. A lap tray table is a comfortable way to eat, do arts and crafts, or use a laptop while on the sofa. They act as a solid, flat surface to aid in accessibility. You can use a multipurpose lap tray for any number of things. As taste is subjective, there are several designs, with different measurements. There is definitely something for everyone, depending on your preferences.

What are lap tray tables used for?

Below are some ideas and uses for lap trays:


Not every home has the space, or need for a dining table. Others like to watch TV while they eat. Whatever may be the reason, resting a plate on your lap can be difficult and makes spillages more likely. A meal tray for your lap offers a sturdy, more hygienic, and convenient solution. Many dinner lap trays come with cushioning, which makes them more comfortable.

Writing and drawing

A solid flat surface is required for writing and drawing. You may need a lap tray for writing reports, marking class work, or to finally get some ideas down for a novel you want to write. Drawings and illustrations are one medium that people use to relax and unwind. Sitting at a desk or table is not as comfortable as lounging on the sofa, so you can also use your lap table for drawing.

Hobbies, arts and crafts

Do you enjoy jigsaw puzzles? You can easily complete them on a lap tray. By solving the jigsaw puzzle on an adult lap tray, you can work on it anywhere and safely store it away, instead of it taking up a large portion of your kitchen table. The same can be said for arts and crafts, such as knitting. Keeping everything you need safe and close to hand, to stop stuff falling down the side of the sofa.


Probably one of the most common uses for a lap tray, laptops can get very warm, and you will want to create a barrier between you and the device. A lap table for a laptop allows for better air flow; stopping the laptop from overheating. It doesn’t have to be used in the living room, a bed lap tray also offers additional comfort when surfing the internet, or completing documents. Laptop with a cushion tray creates an additional area of separation from the heat coming from the laptop, while also offering more comfort. A bean bag lap tray moulds around your legs, so the tray is even more stable.

Why buy your lap trays from TTamer?

TTamer is a recently established company in the beautiful seaside town of Rhyl, Wales. As a business with around 5 years of trading, we wanted to focus the business on loyalty. Which is why we reward our loyal customers with discounts, and upgrades to next day delivery. Not all our products are available online, so come in store or call us on 01745 369966, today.

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