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What is a self watering plant pot? A self watering plant pot is plant pot which has one section to store the plant and the soil and separate section below to store the excess water which can then be used when the roots require it. The tray at the bottom can act as a removable saucer. Which plants thrive in self watering plant pots? Buxus, Japanese irises, perennial and evergreen require regular moisture which makes the self watering feature perfect for them.

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Why should I pay more money and buy a self watering plant pots? 1) In the long run you will save money on water 2) They can be stored indoor or outdoors with self watering feature effectively a smart saucer. 3) You wont need your friend or neighbour over ever day to water the plant when your on holiday. 4) Self Watering Pots prevent your pots getting ruined from weeds. 5) Self Watering Pots prevent plants from getting too moist and reduce the chance of disease. 6) It saves you chore of watering your plants every day.
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