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Check out our Christmas lap tray with a cushion which make excellent gifts for him or her.

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What is a lap tray?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for many people, and coming home from work to the decorations can help with relaxing in your living room. Lap trays are a comfortable way to dine without a table, work on hobbies and projects, and carry numerous items with less effort. They are made to be sturdy, and flat, which helps with accessibility. Christmas lap trays are just a sub section of lap trays that have more festive designs.

Why are Christmas lap tray designs popular?

For a large portion of the population, Christmas is the best time of the year. Everyone seems to be friendlier, and getting into the Christmas spirit. As Christmas means different things to different people, there are many designs available. Christmas lap trays are popular with people who use lap trays regularly, and people who only use them during the holiday month. They also make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Christmas present

Do you have family and friends who eat their dinner in front of the TV? Or do they like to complete puzzles on the sofa? Christmas-themed lap trays are a perfect solution, that adds to the Christmas feeling.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun activity for people in the workplace. Getting gifts for people you may not know as well can be challenging. Going practical, and seasonal, shows more care and understanding than the classic joke presents.

What Christmas lap tray designs are on offer?


One of the most iconic animals that refers to the festive period, robins are known for their round shape and red breast. There is a robin lap tray for everyone, depending on your preferences. The Leonardo Collection offers a scenic British village with 2 stylish robins in front of a red letterbox. If you prefer an artistic style, that focuses just on the robins themselves, the robin family lap tray is the perfect option.


Reindeers are gracious creatures that are deeply entrenched in the lore of Christmas. Elegant creatures that are used to pull Santa’s sleigh. Reindeer lap tray options come as part of the iconic Santa setting, or as a family of deer.

Christmas Night

The nights get longer, the temperatures get colder, and the lights from the Christmas decorations create a cosy ambience. The night of Christmas magic cushioned lap tray has everything associated with the night of Christmas Eve.


Santa Claus is the most important Christmas figure for children all over the country. His iconic red suit and white beard represents a sense of magic. Which is why a Santa lap tray could easily fit into your family time. Using a Santa lap tray to complete a jigsaw puzzle with your children.

Why should you buy your animal lap trays from TTamer?

From the very beginning of TTamer, the customer experience was the most important part of the business. Over 5 years of trading has seen our loyal customer base grow. As we care most for our loyal customers, we offer a loyalty discount service. Rewarding our loyal customers with discounts, and upgrades to next day delivery. Visit us in store or call us on 01745 369966, today.

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