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Hanging Plant Pots are ideal for dried flowers, trailing plants and many more. We have great variety of different wall planters, fence plant pots, hanging plant pots which can even be attached to the balcony. The Hanging Plant Pots all are very easy to hang so you don't waste time putting them up. With an array of different styles of hanging plant pots, different designs and colours to choose from, you will have no difficulty in finding a hanging plant pot to suit your plant, fence, balcony, wall or room.

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What are hanging plant pots?

Plant pots are a great way to add plants to your living spaces, without having to have a dedicated flowerbed. Plant pots also make it easier to move plants around so you can have your garden however you want. Hanging plant pots are a way of utilising vertical spaces better, which are great for smaller gardens, or if you only have a small balcony to work with. Hanging planter boxes come in different shapes and sizes, dependant on where you need them. Just because you live in an apartment block, doesn’t mean you can’t have an area to grow plants and vegetables. A hanging strawberry planter is a popular way to grow fresh fruit, whether you have a garden, or live on floor 14!

What type of hanging planter boxes are there?

Balcony hanging planters

Do you live in an area where you don’t have a garden? Living in a flat can leave some people without the ability to grow plants. Balcony hanging planters have a loop hanging element that allows you to hang the Basket on the external balcony railing to keep the space on the floor available. The Cherry Large Plastic Hanging Planter - 3 hang is a cost-effective balcony hanging planter that is easy to hang, and long lasting.

Wall hanging plant pots

If you have a wall or fence you can attach hanging plant pots to, then there are options that are even more convenient than the balcony hanging planter. The Wall hanging plant pot can be fixed to the wall with nail or screws. Some come with the screw hole area so you can easily hang and remove at your leisure. As with the Venetian 31cm BLACK WALL FENCE HANGING PLANTER PLANT POT BASKETS the pot has a cut out so you can easily add and remove it from your garden.

Bridge balcony hanging planters

You can even sit the planter boxes directly on the railing of your decking or balcony by using a bridge balcony hanging planter. The Off-White Large Plant Flower Pots Oval Bridge Planters Decking Balcony Railing Hanging takes up the least amount of space as it uses the space above your railing, fencing or decking, to grow plants.

Why is plastic a good material for hanging plant pots?

There are many different materials used for making plant pots. From wicker baskets, to the traditional clay pot, there are materials to suit all. Plastic has some major benefits over most materials.


Plastic is an easy to manufacture material. Plastics can be made for entry level hanging plant pots, and for the more luxurious and solid faux gold hanging planter. When you start a new hobby, the barrier to entry for most is the cost of getting started. Plastic hanging plant pots are the cheaper way to get started.

Light weight

If you need to move your hanging planter boxes, clay and metal materials can be heavy. Plastic is both light and strong, so you can effortlessly move them around.

Shatter proof

Unlike clay, plastic won’t shatter, it is good with varying temperature fluctuations, and it will bounce. Soft plastic is malleable and will allow for the impact to be absorbed more effectively. You won’t need to replace them if you drop them

Why should someone shop at TTamer?

TTamer are a North Wales bases company, and were founded in January 2017 to help both beginner and adept garden enthusiasts. Nothing is more important than our customers, we have a loyalty system to give back to our valued customers! Not everything we sell is on the website so call us today or visit us in store!

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