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Explore our selection of Animal placement mat and coaster sets. Each set includes 4 placemats and 4 coasters. These animal-themed table mats are designed to be heat resistant, ensuring the protection of your table from hot plates, and the coasters prevent any glass or cup from leaving marks on the table. This is a fantastic way to add a touch of vibrancy to your table settings. If you are searching for adorable animal gifts, this is an exceptional gift idea that every household should have. We have range of farm scene place mat and coasters which make excellent gifts for him or her. Or if you looking for some of most popular animals we have stag placemats and highland cow placemat and coaster sets.

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What types of animal designs are available?

Crafting an inviting and themed dining experience starts from the table and works its way up. Animal table mats, featuring a variety of fauna-inspired designs, are a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of nature to their meals. Among the most sought-after designs are bee placemats, highland cow placemats, and stag placemats, each bringing a unique vibe to dining spaces.

Bee placemats

Probably the most loved insect on the planet, bees are crucial to all live on the planet. Which is why they are some of our most popular designs used on most of our products. The Busy Bee Placemats n Coasters and Set of 4 bee placemats and coasters are both perfect additions to your bee themed dining room.

Highland cow placemats

One of the most iconic looking animals, highland cow placemats are also a popular choice. Due to their striking appearance, you can find many art pieces depicting this majestic animal. The Country Life Highland Cow Placemat designed by The Leonardo Collection, is a stylistic representation that pops on the dining table. If you want a more realistic design, then the Set of 4 Highland Cow Placemat and Coaster is the perfect solution.

Stag Placemats

Lend an air of majestic wilderness, ideal for dinners that require a touch of elegance and strength. These designs not only serve as a backdrop to your dishes but also as conversation starters, enriching the dining experience with their stories and aesthetics. The incredible high contrast imagery of these stag placemats is a true testament to stag’s ever-present beauty.

What materials are used in animal placemats?

Our animal table mats are made with a cork backing, to create a more solid surface that also protects your table from heat damage. They are all finished with a wipe clean surface to make it easier for you to maintain their quality.

Do animal placemats come in sets?

To make sure you get the full package, we offer our animal placemats in sets of 4. There is a large selection of designs to cater to all needs. Buying them in sets allows for a more cost- effective way to decorate your dining table exactly how you like it.

Matching Table Accessories

For those who delight in creating a cohesive dining theme, many animal table mats come with matching table accessories. Highland cow placemats go hand in hand with many accessories.

Highland Cow Mug

What goes great with your highland coasters? A mug to match! The highland cow mug sits perfectly on the coaster to bring the whole dining experience together.

Heilan Coo Laptray

You can take your dining experience anywhere in the home with the Helian Coo Laptray. The solid surface matched with the comfortable bean back base means you can take your meals to the living room for a different dining experience.

Why choose TTamer?

Animal placemats are the easiest way to increase your dining experience. With the option to add more accessories and the myriad of sets available, you can personalise your table to make it feel more like you. Have a question? You can contact us here.
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