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Are you looking for a lap tray with cushion with an adorable animal on? We have UK stock laptrays for him or her. All our lap trays are suitable for eating on and make great gifts.

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What is a lap tray?

How often do you find yourself relaxing in your living room, sat on the sofa, and enjoying your free time? A lap tray table is a comfortable way to enjoy your dinner, focus on your hobbies, and can be used to carry things. They are a solid, even surface that helps with accessibility. You can use an animal design lap tray for numerous reasons. What patterns you like, may not be the same as what others do. For this reason, you can pick from several designs, such as an animal print lap tray.

Why are animal designs popular?

There are so many animals in the world, and people are drawn to them for a large number of reasons. Some refer to creatures as their “spirit animal”, and become enthralled with anything related to that animal. For instance, the owl lap tray is popular with both people who consider themselves as wise, and others who just love owls!

What animal designs for TTamer Collection offer?

TTamer offer a variety of the following animal themed lap trays:

Owl lap tray

The stylistic artful design of one of our most popular lap trays. The Leonardo Collection Owl Lap Tray displays the iconic barn owl. Made for eating, hobbies, and other uses. The beanbag adorned lap trap is made for comfort, and understated elegance.

Highland cow lap tray

There are two popular highland cow lap tray options, made to guarantee there is one for you. The highland cow is one of the most beloved animals in the British Isles, for its iconic look, and hardy disposition. You can go for the realistic windswept, Highland Cow Laptray, or for the more abstract Leonardo Collection Higland Cow. Both come with a beanbag base for extra comfort.

Dog lap tray

Probably the most beloved animal species, dogs have a special place in many people's hearts. There are many different species, that brings many different personalities. If you prefer the smaller dog breeds, you can find the perfect Leonardo Collection lap tray for you. Check out the Pug Laptray with cushioned beanbag base, and the Jack Russell Laptray that also comes with a cushioned bean bag base. One of the most popular breeds, there are also variations of Labrador lap trays. Both the Golden Labrador and Black Labrador Laptrays come with the beanbag cushion too!

Duck lap tray

Last, but definitely not least, ducks are a common feature near lakes and ponds. Most people have a memory of feeding the ducks either as a child, or with their children. Ducks are elegant, and somewhat curious creatures. The Country Life Duck Laptray captures their brilliance with two cute ducklings eitherside.

Why should you buy your animal lap trays from TTamer?

When starting TTamer, the number one goal was to offer more than just great products to our customers. with around 5 years of trading, we have build a significant loyal customer base. Since we really wanted to show we really care about our loyal customers, we offer a loyalty discount service. Rewarding our loyal customers with discounts, and upgrades to next day delivery. Not all our products are available online, so come in store or call us on 01745 369966, today.

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