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Plastic Round Garden Urn Planter at affordable prices.
All our Garden Urns come in two part for easy delivery and also a super quick assemble which anybody can do. A Garden Urn is a great way to show off your favourite colourful plants and flowers in your garden. For gardeners it allows you the opportunity to design an elegant display without taking up to much time and effort. Our Urns are made from sturdy, durable plastic. Ttamer Collection has Grecian urns in 4 colours : black, green terracotta. Then the other time of urn we sell is our most popular style the NN urn which we stock in 3 sizes and 3 colours. The colours we have in these are anthracite Garden Urn, terracotta Garden Urn and white garden urn. (some people may class this as off white.) We also have Jardineres in this caterogory which are similar idea to the Garden Urn. We do 4 colours in the jardinere. Black, Green, Terracotta and White are the colour options.

Products in this category:

For those homeowners wanting to give their garden a welcome dose of je ne sais quoi, a garden urn can be the perfect missing piece.

Garden urns are a type of unique planter that are generally very ornate and decorative. Therefore, they are a great way to create elegant plantings in your garden and get it summer ready to really wow your guests.

Unlike regular planters, garden urns are often larger containers with a heavier weight and a more decorative design. Whether it’s a roll top lid or motif embellishments, urns are designed with elegance in mind – perfect for creating an affluent, expensive look in any outdoor space with ornamental plantings.

Often used to frame entrances with amazing cascading florals, urns are the perfect option for green fingered gardeners hoping to impress. Their design and imposing size makes them a great statement piece, sometimes adopting Grecian or Victorian design influences.

Container gardening has hugely grown in popularity due to the lack of fuss and ease of integration into any landscape. For instance, urns and pots can be moved around to fit furniture or make space for any event or party you might be hosting. Not only this, but the ability to add amazing aesthetic to your garden and easy tending makes them the perfect option.

Urns are a great choice for holding small shrubs, small trees and for grouping fabulous floral plantings, such as a perennial mixture. For more maximum impact, opt for a spiky ornamental grass such as purple fountain grass to grow above the eye level and add another dimension to your garden.

Here at Ttamer, we boast a huge expansive range of decorative garden urns. Our selection comes in a whole host of colours, sizes and styles meaning you are sure to find an urn to suit your outdoor space. From dark grey anthracite styles to green Grecian planter pots, we have all your urn needs covered.

All of our urns are made from plastic meaning they provide all the beautiful aesthetic without the hassle of a heavy planter. We’ve all struggled moving heavy concrete pots around the garden and scratching our patio – plastic urns avoid that struggle, easily picked up and moved without damage.

What’s more, plastic isn’t a porous material so air doesn’t pass easily through the sides. After watering your plant, the soil will retain its moisture for a longer time thus keeping your plants healthier for longer. Another plus is that if you have problems with fungal diseases, plastic is easy to sterilise and clean.

So, if you’re looking for an effective garden urn, look no further than our huge selection. Ttamer are experts in quality control, checking every product before dispatch and ensuring each garden urn is up to our high standards, reducing the risk of fault or damage, and each product is packed in recyclable packaging. Our garden urns also come in two parts for easy delivery and super quick assembly.

Get ready to show of your favourite florals and plants, and search our expansive range of garden urns here!

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